The Family Who Lived In A Skinny House

Lillian Seely, Nathan's Wife - My grandmother, born in 1895, was the daughter of a Pullman Porter railroad man.. Despite having only finished the eighth grade, she was just as ambitious as my grandfather and desired all the trappings of middle class family life…to own a home, to raise her children and most importantly, to provide them a good education. She had it all until...

Tom Seely, Nathan's Son - My father, born in 1920, was a very shy, skinny, nerdy adolescent who always had his nose in a book. He loved academics and was the first African American member of the National Honor Society chapter at Mamaroneck High School. He excelled in music  as well, mastering the violin, then the piano. He had a popular pretty older sister and was the star of a loving family…until his world started to fall apart.

Sugar “Sug” Seely, Nathan's Daughter - My aunt, born in 1918, was a soprano from birth. She was outgoing, optimistic and always had a smile to share. She sang her way through life and loved everything French and anything connected to opera. She scrimped and saved her pennies for singing lessons with Mezzo-Soprano Mildah Polia and dreamed of making a living on the stage…..until.

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