The Release

Hello Family and Friends

I hope you are well. 

I want to thank all the people who have supported me on my endeavor to write my book, Skinny House-A Memoir of Family. The PRINT format of the book is now available for purchase online at I hope you'll buy a copy—The eBooks will follow soon.

As you know I've worked on this book for the past 8+ years in an effort to share my grandfather's legacy of building "homes for colored people" during 1920-1930s in Mamaroneck, New York during the Great Depression. My "biomemoir,"  as I call it, is really a family biography with elements of memoir. I feel it is especially important for us to tell our own stories and weave family legacies one story at a time, no matter how imperfect they may be. The marketing campaign for the book is in full swing. If you know of any venue/independent book store for a presentation, book signing, book reading, library presentation, etc.

Please let me know. I will be attending the major book fairs/expos and festivals in the spring. Watch for ads in The NY Review of Books, NYTimes, and Kirkus Review magazines. 

Simply buying a book will help. Partial proceeds will be directed to STEM/musical programs, historic preservation endeavors and colleges near and dear to the Seely family.

I am blessed. 

Thank you for your support. All of you have played an important role in my journey to become an author and a legacy-maker I am so appreciative.